Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Resolutions

SPRING seems like a great time
to begin over-make new resolutions.
I want to enjoy each day more,
express my gratitude daily for
my many blessings of health,
family, and friends galore.

Time to seize the day and the
opportunities to learn and develop
talents, express my voice and be an
influence for good in the world.

1. Enjoy my yard more, replace dead shrubs, plant some flowers that I can have indoors on the table, picnic on patio, BBQ, etc.
2. Dare to send out more articles to new magazines, complete unfinished projects and develop new ones.
3. Take time to organize files, papers, do genealogy and such.
4. Exercise daily-water aerobics outside-HURRAH! and lovely walks.
5. Visit family more often and reach out to them in all ways possible.

That's enough, don't want to get carried away.


  1. You have some good things on that list.

  2. Great list. I should come join you. I hope to get outside more now that the weather is nice.

  3. A fresh new list and its good!

  4. I love your resolutions. You inspire me.

  5. I want to lose weight and walk a bit more to see if I can get my stamina up a bit....Michelle