Thursday, March 18, 2010


You would think we live thousands of miles apart it's only 250 miles but life is busy so it was a momentous occasion when my friend Caryn and I met for lunch recently at our favorite restaurant Olive Garden in Provo. We had soup and salad and talked for 2 hours and barely touched the surface. Look at those smiles.

Caryn has lost a ton of weight and looks so cool or maybe the word is awesome. Great clothes and notice the scarf and crafty flowers that she and her daughter are making and selling in local boutiques. That's one reason why she's so busy plus she sells real estate.

I told her we all miss her blogging and she is going to try to do better at reading and commenting on our blogs until her life slows!

Isn't that the cutest scarf, hat and flower? Caryn looks great in hats. She can wear them and look natural. It could be an Easter bonnet. She makes them out of chiffony material and burns the edges so they curl. Amazing!

Leave a comment for Caryn and I'll be sure and pass them on to her. Thanks Caryn for your friendship, a fun lunch and a soul filling talk. Let's do it again soon.


  1. I've missed Caryn, too. I'm glad you tried to entice her back to blogging. There's a whole lot of friends who are waiting for her. I love the hat. Caryn is really gorgeous! She's such a warm and wonderful person as well.

  2. Every time I check new posting I hope there will be something new from Caryn. Her writing always inspires me, or invokes emotions or has me nodding ing agreement at lifes mysteries.
    But obvioulsy she has been busy being healthy and creative!

  3. I had recently found Caryn's blog through you Lin and have missed her but can certainly understand why she hasn't been blogging. The hat is beautiful. And how wonderful the two of you could sit down and catch up for a bit!

  4. Hello Caryn...congrats on your weight look beautiful!!!

  5. Lin, I'm so glad you thought of this. What a wonderful way to say hi to our mutual friend, Caryn. Yes, I've been missing her, and it was great to see the photos and to hear a bit of news as you shared time together.

    Caryn, you're looking FAB! And what a great hat!

  6. Hi Caryn,you look so beautiful and gorgeous.I love your hat .Lin,thanks for introducing us to your friend.

  7. Please tell Caryn that just as Dorothy said to the scarecrow, "I think I'm going to miss you most of all!" That I miss her more than all of those other people who left a comment!!![haha] Hope both of you are healthy as well as skinny!!