Monday, March 22, 2010

Less is MORE

Loosing can be winning,
less weight to pack around
leads to new opportunities.
Improved health, less pills
more energy and vitality,
exercising daily opens vistas.

Time to go shopping for
new duds that fit, giving
away clothes now too baggy.
Sustaining weight loss is
not easy, but necessary.
Self control is a daily battle.

I've LOST 27.5 pounds
this past year and don't
want to find them again.


  1. Very nice..congrats :)

  2. Norman just asked me at lunch if I had noticed how much weight you had lost. He said it was the first thing he noticed last week when you had dinner with us - then I turn on the computer and find this post to your blog!! So - you are lookin' good, cousin!

  3. CONGRATS!!!! That is wonderful Lin...

  4. That is terrific! And I'm sure it wasn't easy, either. Keep up the good work, Lin!

  5. Congratulations on losing 27.5 lbs.! That is NOT an easy thing to do, but you've done it. Take a bow. You've earned it.

  6. Good for you, Lin. That takes strength and determination, which I believe you have a good supply of.