Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last day of MARCH

On to APRIL and more new adventures:
a return to Texas to visit FAMILY there,
off to California for a TEMPLE ceremony
with cousins then HOME again to rest.

Lovely weather and Spring FLOWERS
to enjoy as the SEASONS change.
Once again the CYCLE of the seasons
returns to bless us with NEW LIFE.

EASTER reminds us of another cycle
of birth and RENEWAL, as bulbs release
their lovely BLOOMS again after resting
during WINTER'S long and cold embrace.

A world of comforting PATTERNS
organized by a Heavenly GARDENER
who planted us also here to BLOOM
where He has placed us on this EARTH.


  1. What a welcome note to the month of Texas,California,you have few wonderful trips lined up ahead.It promises us some more interesting post from you.

  2. I loved your poem! April...bring it on! Safe traveling and have a great time.

  3. Very inspirational and how very true!

  4. Spring is very much in the air here, despite the heavy rains we've been getting. Rumor has it that it'll get up to 70° this weekend. I'm ready for it. The birds are chirping happily and new growth is shooting up through the soil. It makes me feel renewed and energetic.

  5. It looks like spring her, but it feels cold! March flew by! Welcome April!

  6. Lovely posting, Lin! Blessings for a wonderful Resurrection weekend.

  7. Very nice way to mark the new season and it sounds like it will be another busy, yet productive and fun one for you....Michelle

  8. wonderful way of ending blooming march n starting a stormy april.
    enjoy ur trips.