Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am...

A. Here's a challenge to complete this phrase
I ten things you are:

1. an evolving woman
2. a loving mother and grandmother
3. a patient wife
4. a child of God
5. a creative writer
6. a former dancer
7. an experienced teacher
8. a loyal friend
9. a faithful Mormon
10. a careful genealogist

B. Then take one of the above and write a short statement to explain it more:
5. A creative writer-wanting to make my voice heard, to be an force for good in the world. Helping others find their voices and unique talents, coming to understand more of why they are here and what they can accomplish within their own little circles of influence.

C. What forces or circumstances stop you from accomplishing what you just wrote about?
It's too easy to listen to the critic within, to want approval and yet always be on the lookout for rejection or critical remarks from others given on purpose or indirectly.

Now it's your turn. Please tell us in your comment more about what you are...


  1. A tough act to follow Lin! I am a devoted mother. A mother who loves her children with every bit of herself, hopes she has done the right thing by them as she has brought them up almost by herself, hopes that she has given them the courage, the confidence and the hope for living their own lives to the fullest.

  2. Lin, what a great exercise. I wanna do it too. Maybe for tomorrow.

    Wishing a wonderful day.

  3. This is a great, affirmative journal exercise. I like this a lot.

  4. It's always interesting to see how people describe themselves, and where they place the emphasis. From what I know of you from your blog,I would say you know yourself. You have shown all of these things.

  5. hmmm...mother, wife, friend, sister, good hearted person, compassionate, empathetic, hard worker, creative...

  6. I tell myself I don't like doing these things, but then I seem drawn to do them. Go figure. I must be wrong about not liking them, eh?

    I am:

    1: content
    2: creative
    3: an observer of people
    4: appreciative for the life I live, and the people that I share it with.
    5: a good companion to my hubby
    6: mad about my children
    7: more independent by the minute
    8: quite often funny
    9: loved by my family
    10: ridiculously generous

    I don't find any of these items worthy of embellishment or additional comment. They are the first ten things that popped into my mind. I find none of them difficult nor can I find anything standing in the way of their being an integral part of me. They just are what they are.

    This was a fun exercise. However, I think that if you had thought about my completeing it at all, (and it's been so long, I doubt the notion crossed your mind at all) you would have wanted me to put more cerebral effort into it.