Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin

We've been friends and cousins for over 60 years now
Through days of playing dolls and with our teddy bears
To dancing in church pageants and Sunday family dinners
Throughout all this time, we became more-special friends.

Then came marriage, motherhood, later divorce adjustments
We each moved back to Utah from California to make new lives
As single parents-supportive conversations have sustained us
Then she found another companion and made a new life.

Years passed and despite distances we've kept in touch
More than cousins, we became sisters in an eternal family
We've shared good times and difficult times, researched
our roots, cried together and celebrated each other's successes.


  1. What a dear, sweet "sister-cousin" you are! We have certainly shared a lot in this experience of life, haven't we? I couldn't have made it through without you! Love you lots -

  2. A lovely tribute to your cousin. There is nothing greater than a bond between family members is there? It sounds as if you both are very fortunate to have such a closeness and support system over the years.

  3. Happy birthday to your cousin. That is a beautiful tribute.

  4. What a lovely tribute to your sister-cousin.

  5. Happy birthday wishes to your cousin.A very touching and sweet tribute .