Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summer's coming

Summer's just raring to come to our area as our evenings are warmer and our heater barely comes on at all during the nights but then we live in the desert. Interesting how fast the seasons come and go every year. It's the weekend again and soon before we know it, it's Friday again. The only way I've found to SLOW IT ALL DOWN is to try to enjoy each experience with a GRATEFUL heart. 

Happy to have another day to be here on earth. Blessed to have a family I love and care about. Fulfilled from teaching and writing activities in my retirement years. Realizing there is still a lot to learn, do and be in my remaining time-how ever long it is. I'm still working on writing my MISSION's in bits and it comes to me. ACT NOT REACT-that applies to everything, BUILD RELATIONSHIPS-with God, family and friends, DEVELOP MY TALENTS-teaching, and writing. FIND MY VOICE-and help others find their voices. TAKE CARE OF MYSELF-physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Now there's a few daily goals or MANTRAS to focus on.

Lately I've been thinking about POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS-a topic mentioned in many books I'm currently reading. I don't believe in them. That's where you take a situation and try to change your feelings. If you are bothered by fears or worries, you repeat a postive affirmation to yourself like...I can feel God helping me over my fears. I think the thing I'm off with is telling myself what God is suppose to do or not. I've found from my experiences with Him in church and with praying my whole lifetime that many times He has something entirely different in mind for your life that you do. 

We've all heard the story of God remodeling our life as we ask Him to just put on a small addition and He instead knocks down a wall and builds a new extension to our dwelling/life that we never asked for or even envisioned. So I guess what I'm saying is...It's important to just put our trust in Him and in His answers to our prayers without preconditions or limits. Instead of a particular positive affirmation I would say something positive but GENERAL to myself like I know God loves me or I am a daughter of God and He will guide me. Someday I think it will be very interesting to report back to our Heavenly Father and discuss how He revealed our greater purpose-mission and talents in our life gradually through our varied experiences both negative and positive.


  1. I kinda agree with you on affirmations, but my "magic words" thing is a little different...and I've always believed in P.M.A.!!! :)

  2. I learned affirmation as part of my yoga classes. It is good to be kind to your inner voice..