Monday, April 27, 2009

Nevada then Utah

We went from a very cold 32 degrees and the wind blowing in Twin Falls, Idaho to 73 degrees and our car air conditioner on as we arrived home in So. Utah. I'm always so thankful to arrive HOME safely and find everything okay. We saw some interesting treeless country and mountains in Nevada today then the familiar cedar trees and sagebrush of Utah-my home. I've lived here at total of 51 years now plus 12 years in California, 4 years in Wisconsin and 1 year in Brazil. Tell us where all you've lived and which one seemed like HOME.

For me it is Utah although I was born in Caliente, Nevada it's just over the Utah border-I only lived there a few months. All my grandparents were born in Utah and my ancestors immigrated here from England, Iceland and Ohio. All were converts to the Mormon church except for one grandpa that was a gold miner.


  1. Born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles in San Gabriel Village. At the time, it was a great place to grow up.

    Had a short stint on Oahu in my nearly 20's and early 20's before moving to Northern California (the Bay Area)for a few years. I finally found my way to Provo, Utah in 1972. I met my hubby and married in 1973. In the years since our wedding day, we have been in Davis County,(first year) Weber County,(the following 25 years...just sold that home to our oldest son )the border between Washington and Iron Counties,(almost five years..still have that home and are currently deciding to continue to rent it our sell it. We hung on just in case we didn't like it where we are. We LOVE it where we are) and Sanpete County (three years and currently) Wayne has always, ALWAYS provided me with beautiful surroundings in every home. We've also owned some pretty yummy properties in Cache County, but never lived there. But... we're thinkin the Hollow is the best yet! We're happy as two pigs in a puddle! We'd like to leave this land to our children in perpetuity. We'll see...

    Daddy was a Utahn, as were his parents. My mother was a native Californian. Her mother was also a native Californian, (with me, that's three generations) her dad was from back east, near Boston.

    Well... that's my story. I'll check back to read others.

  2. Wonderful country. I've liked in the east and west, and the west (Rociy Mtn. foothills) is IT by far!

  3. Again -- I love your pictures--never been to Utah.
    Home for me is PA as I spent most my life there. But we lived in VA for two years when we were first marrieda nd I've been in Fl for 8. It's hard feeling at home here yet but I keep hoping.

  4. What a range of temps. I haven't gone that range on the road, though Connecticut will throw this at you in a day. Your landscapes take my breath away. Totally want to see all of that some day, Lin. I think I need the lid blown of my little hill world.

  5. The photos are beautiful. The first one reminds me of the collar of a beautirul winter jacket.

  6. I was born and have stayed in western NY my whole life...