Monday, April 6, 2009

Roots and Branches

Modern families come together in many ways
Few of us have a traditional family nowadays
with just a mom and dad and their own children.
Some couples just live together with no certificates. 

There are widows and widowers, adopted kids,
divorced and step families, remarriage and
blended families filled with half siblings and
step siblings. My family seem to have them all.

But the bonding influence is the LOVE that can exist, 
the caring and communication even sent to the lost 
or rebellious ones who leave home never to return.
Families are the true constant in a world of change.

Even death and separation can not destroy the bonds
and relationships that endure longer than life.
One day we will have a grand reunion in heaven
of our larger extended family and departed loved ones.


Sylvia K said...

So true, families are still families, in spite of the many changes that can and do happen these days. We have a little bit of all of it, too.

Mare said...

The family unit has changed so much, and it's kind of scary. What's next?

Kay said...

I guess even though the family units might have changed a bit since the past, they still have that common foundation of love. said...

Families have changed even since I was a child....

Jean said...

You said it beautifully, Lin. It takes all shapes and sizes to make a family.

Deborah Godin said...

It's all about love, no matter what the details are!

mom/caryn said...


Sadly, unhappy memories and broken family bonds can also last forever and always. If they don't it's because of a strong resolve on someone's part to work through their pain and leave heartaches behind.

But there's something magical about shared memories and the laughter (and a few tender tears)they can bring...

Lovely thoughts, well expressed.