Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter is Here!

It's the day the Easter bunny was born? No, the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ-the great teacher and son of God. Interesting how the two holiest occasions concerning His life-Christmas and Easter get lost in the commericalizing of those holidays. What does Santa Claus or some bunny have to do with our elder brother?

Jesus is part of another family, an ETERNAL FAMILY composed of our Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother and all our brothers and sisters that will be born. That makes us all siblings of the same parents eternally though our earthly parents vary. We are ONE BIG FAMILY. I love that idea that we are all interrelated. That Christ loved us enough to come down to earth to be born of an earthly mother Mary, a Heavenly Father and then He was raised by his stepfather Joseph-a great and loving parent and spouse he was. What a unique and powerful family we have.


  1. Have a very Happy Easter Lin!!!

  2. I love the thought...the fact that we are all one family. So easily forgotten in our day to day, but as we ponder spiritual things we see each other and ourselves for who we really are...sons and daughters of the eternal God. So thankful for the sacrifice of his Son Jesus Christ.

  3. Have fun with family and friends. It's a beautiful day!

  4. Enjoy your day! Let me know if you decide to do a contest too-- I love to enter:))

  5. I don't necessarily get the whole Easter Bunny thing... although the rolling of Easter eggs had it's origin in spiritual thought. The rolling is a representation of the rolling away of the stone from the Saviors grave. The egg being a symbol of new life coming forth.

    Santa Claus seems like a sweet and beautiful representation of living a life solely for the purpose of unselfish giving to others. That seems to mesh rather nicely with the life of Christ. I have always loved Father Christmas... I will always love him. (without apology)

    He has no reason to exist other then to bring some joy into the lives of others... especially children (who the Savior loved deeply... and those who choose to believe in him. Just as we need to believe in Christ for him to bring us the gift He has to offer) In my admittedly somewhat juvenile mind, if all correlates rather nicely)

    Anyway... Happy Easter,Lin. Can I tell you one more time how wonderful it was to have some time with you. I SO needed a Lin fix!)

  6. And a very Happy Resurrection celebration to you, Lin!