Tuesday, December 16, 2008

White powdery substance

What can this be, falling from  clouds overhead?
It's a white powdery substance called "snow"
I've seen it before when I lived up north
every winter it would suddenly appear

Sometime after or just before Thanksgiving
but living in the high desert where I am now
it's only a brief yearly occasion to see real snow
among the palms, cactii and succulents in our area

It's very wet and fluffy lying on the palm tree
making puddles on the roads but then it freezes
and makes a scary dangerous skating rink
for those brave enough to hasten outside

So I sit inside my warm abode remembering
the hot stifling days of summer when we longed
for relief of some kind only to have a monotony
of hot temperatures, sunshine day after day

Nature and its four seasons certainly give us variety 
a reason to look forward to the next season  
that is, until it arrives then we are ready
to return to whatever climate we had before


  1. Oh goodness, I hope it has all melted by the time I get home today. I am looking forward to a little sunshine.

    You are certainly poetic; very nice.

  2. I just can't relate to that being snow on a palm! I look at the photo, and it just doens't compute! Weird - but beautiful!

  3. I don't feel sorry for you! We woke up to over 4 inches this morning. You know how I "love" snow!

  4. Is that one of your poems Lin? It's beautiful.. How funny to see snow in the desert....

  5. We're shivering in the cold here in Seattle, with frozen snow on the ground and ice on the streets. Fun stuff with our hills. More snow and cold are expected, and as we finish with the icy blasts, we're sending them your way. No end in sight. Please just let the planes be flying to Denver on sunday.

  6. Amazing to see snow on palms and succulents. Beautiful, actually, just like your poem.

  7. Now that is a strange, strange sight! Wow, Lin. Anything is possible!

  8. Ours only lasted a hot minute and it was gone.This is a good post. I love it!

  9. YUK!! We had miles and miles of snow covered cactus to drive through Monday and Tuesday. It was just plain wierd. And annoying. And cold.

    Will you work at getting your St George sunshine and warmth back...Puhleeeeze!