Friday, December 19, 2008

A weather poem...

Click on photo for details...

I'm looking out the window and what do I see
my poor little palm tree all covered with snow.
This shouldn't be––I live in the warm Mohave desert,
Christmas type weather is a distant memory for me.

But no––I look again, my palm tree's nearly doubled over
from the combined weight of just a very wet snowflake.
Where's Santa when you need him, but off to the rescue
comes my dear husband with only an old lawn rake.

So lively and quick he soon dispatches the heavy snow
from still green palm fronds needing some quick relief--
all without the help of the jolly old elf or any reindeer in sight.
Then I hear my husband quite loudly exclaim..."Good grief!"


  1. Oh my, those palm fronds must have jumped up for joy to have all that snow removed! Neat poem, too!

  2. ha ha ha ha aahhhhh ha ha ha ha
    That's hilarious!

    So much for moving out of the cold, snowy weather, eh? You actually have as much snow on the ground as we do here in Fairview. Of course, that won't be the case for very long.

    I couldn't believe our drive home from California. It was hard rain and snow the whole way from Bakersfield to St. George. New Harmony had 17 to 20 inches. Barstow to Las Vegas I was driving through snowstorms. It's just wierd to see Joshua trees and cactus covered in white like that. And cold??? Holy moley! I froze my nose blue.

    At least you don't have the miserable New Harmony winds to contend with.

  3. Wow Mom! You guys probably have more snow than we do like Caryn said! We're getting a big storm right now though! Glad I'm done with school so I can stay home and not drive in the snow! =)

    Also when I showed Rachel the picture she said "SNAP!", so we just thought we would share our thoughts. =)

  4. Love the picture and great poem.

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  5. Will all of your desert lants survive the cold? I hope so.

  6. I even went and hit some snow off of our blue spruce..we got 12 inches just today and the lower branches were really weighed down...Lovely poem...

  7. What a fun poem about a not so quite fun moment! The weather sure is jumbled up these days, although I have to admit the frigid temperatures we're having up here are quite 'normal' for December.

    Good thing for shovels... and rakes!

  8. Now THAT is an interesting picture!