Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Each month I try to challenge myself to do something new in the area of writing or teaching. When I read that the Family History Expo or conference held each February in St. George was looking for teachers, I thought why not?  So I submitted several proposals for classes I could teach, then I didn't hear from them for a whole month. The proposal was due Oct 31, 2008. Well, just recently they emailed me and said... Congratulations! You have been accepted as one of our speakers at the upcoming Family History Expo in St. George, Utah February 27-28, 2009!

Unfortunately I don't get paid for this opportunity but I do get a free admission to the conference worth about $65 just for teaching a one hour class on guess what? FAMILY HISTORY BLOGS! So anyone with any fun ideas, please let me know. This is the course description:

Creating a Family History Blog
(Beginner - Advanced) The Internet has opened up new possibilities for sharing your family history online with others. This class will focus on the Web log or Blog ~ a simplified webpage journal scrapbook combo that allows others to comment and interact. Come learn how to create a personal blog to easily share your research, histories and photos online in a new format.


  1. Who knows how many people you may inspire. Good for you.

  2. Forever and always expanding your horizons and taking others along for the ride...

    Congratulations, my friend. This is another door opening for you.

  3. I think you will do a great job. I hope you will video blog it for us!

  4. Well, this is certainly right up your alley. I bet you will do a great job.

    And just for the record: I wasn't thinking of you when I mentioned "lurker." I first noticed that word on someone else's site. A lot of bloggers use that word to describe visitors who don't comment. It's very common.

  5. That's wonderful, Lin. You'll be fabulous and now you can encourage so many others.

  6. Another honor and an opportunity to teach..wonderful Lin..

  7. Congratulations. This sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Lin, You've inspired me to set my own new monthly challenge.

    After I read Barbara Sher's book, Refuse to Choose, I realized that I need short-term projects to stay enthused and motivated. Too long a project and I get bored.

    So thinking about new areas of writing for a 30-day period sounds perfect!