Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home again...safely

Three wonderful words that express
gratitude for safe travels, wonderful
loving Texas hospitality and genealogy
gathered from Allen's birth place.

(Photo above Allen + his uncle Bill Floyd,
Photos below of the Forrest cousins reunion
planned and hosted by cousin Amelia in group
photo below in the bright pink vest in front.
Click on photos to make them larger.)

Family connections were strengthened
as uncle, aunt, cousins, bros and sisters,
nieces and nephews came together
to honor their common ancestors,
share photos, memories and histories.
Home, family and love is what's important
and giving thanks to God for our lives.

(Allen's grandparents Laxson's farm in Purmela, Tx.
Photo above of Allen, his cousin David and his mom
Aunt Betsy inside the Laxson farm house. Below the
old fishing hole on the farm from Allen's childhood.)

A happy and meaningful Thanksgiving for all,
a heritage preserved,a shared past recalled.


  1. I'm glad your Thanksgiving holiday was also warm and full of family.

  2. What a wonderful trip Lin and you certainly made the most of it..

  3. The old farm...especially the old fishin hole, is GREAT! Did he spend much time there as a kid? Are these relatives he knows well? I have so many questions for when I see you again.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good trip and made it home safely.

  5. So glad you had such a great trip and Thanksgiving! You did indeed make the most of it and that's wonderful!

  6. Looks like a good time was had by all! And yes, it's always nice to get home, too.

  7. Wonderful journey and connections and re-connections. Wow.

  8. That is a wonderful post. I am glad you had such a happy time. The love is palpable.

  9. I would love to go back and visit. I remember the fishing the farmhouse still full of Biggie's things?

  10. I love the farmhouse. It was such a great place for a kid to play and have fun. And the fishing hole. I remember Dad taking us down there to show us. Does anyone in the family still own the house?

  11. You really did make the most of your trip! Makes me think of the song "There's no place like home for the holidays...", the ancestral home, and now back in your own!

  12. Marilyn-poet: Lin, our Wordshop is a success, so glad to be part of it, and glad someone likes my Hummingbird poem. Just wish I had been on the Rock Art trip.