Monday, December 29, 2008

Hibernating till spring?

It's still winter here though the sun is shining and it's 40 degrees. My hubby is coming down with a sore throat and cold. I'm trying to avoid catching it. Time to think of resolutions again. Thinking and doing are two different things. I wrote an article on that which may or may not get published called Resolving or Repenting? Seems easier to make resolutions than actually repenting and making the changes necessary. We seem to leave out the step of remorse for our bad habits which can strengthen our resolve to change. 

I'm toying with the idea of returning to my resolution of two years ago as I haven't seemed to master it yet...act don't react. That covers a lot of things like controlling our reactions to others, not judging, dwelling in anger or hurt, etc. Even avoiding depression which can reach all of us on any given day. We need to keep moving forward with something that brings some joy to our life. Be it a pet, blog, hobby or volunteer service. The world needs us and we need to do something. They actually sell round tuits on the Internet. Do you need one?


  1. Looks like Wayne also has a cold coming on. We've been pumping him full of "Airborne", but he's still walking around the house clearing his throat and hacking a wee bit.
    I'm trying to stay my distance and still baby him somewhat. well... maybe nurture him would be a more appropriate word.
    Nah... baby says it best.

    New Years resolutions, eh? I'm thinking that I'm going to find a way to make my day belong to me to fill it with what pleases and inspires me, rather than have me belong to the day of preplanned activities that I feel a responsibility too. Does that even make sense to you?

    I haven't been working for a couple of weeks and I've liked being able to lie in bed, stretch, yawn, chat with the hubby about everything and nothing before padding into the bathroom for a long, hot shower and strolling into the kitchen for a leisurely brunch in front of the big windows.

    I read recently that "It's never to late to be who you might have been." I like that. I might have been a great speaker or teacher. I might have been a sculptor or a life coach or lived a little more like Tasha Tudor. I can still do most of those things. I can still leave a legacy of grabbing hold of lifes possibilities and wringing every bit of wisdom and laughter from them before I'm laid to rest. I just have to let go of being confined by the structure that's a necessary part of my work world. That is what I'm resolving to do in 2009.

    Odd... the less time I have to live, the less of a hurry I'm in to live it. I'm a major fan of slowing down. I may not do quite as much... but, I'm thinking I'll enjoy what I do do a lot more. (do do??) yeah.

  2. You are so right...something to think about. I probably should dig out the "round tuit" my dad gave me when I was a teenager.

    I got my book last night when I returned from holiday break. I'll start reading today.

  3. Good advice. And I love those Round Tuits. Guess I need to get one. :-)

  4. I hope you hubby doesn't share the bug. Interesting..Act-don't react. I like those words.....

  5. Lin, I was interested to learn you might consider a 'resolution' of a couple of years ago for the upcoming new year. Why not? If it still needs working on, why move onto something else? I think do ourselves a disservice when we try to do something else 'new' before the new becomes familiar and part of the way we live and breathe.

    I'll keep your thought in mind as I'm pondering my own new year's thoughts!

  6. In response to your latest comment.

    Okay... writing more often is part and parcel of my highly anticipated efforts to follow Henry D. Thoreau's good advice to "Simplify, simplify, simplify". We'll see how it goes.

  7. Bring on the Tuits as I sign on to your resolution!

  8. Act... don't react... Wonderful resolution but hard...

    Why not?