Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Enjoyable scenery

We traveled north in Utah past many beautiful mountain landscapes. I love the pine trees, sage brush and tall mountains dusted with snow. This is my home state. I'm sure everyone feels exactly like I do about their home state.

Had a family dinner celebrating my two sons birthdays Jeff on Dec 13th and Daniel's coming up Jan 9th. Enjoyed a Japanese dinner complete with chopsticks. It was good to see my sons and their wives again and be together.


  1. What a wonderful picture! Didn't realize Daniel and Simon Strandberg has the same birthday. So good to see you!
    Love to you all, Gittan

  2. What a beautiful family you have Lin. A very Happy Birthday to both boys...

  3. Wonderful family photo, Lin! God bless, and merry Christmas.

  4. Beautiful scenery, looks much like the pics I got from Fort Morgan, CO this morning.
    No blue sky here. It's now 36 and raining on piles of slush.
    Beautiful family, too.
    Merry Christmas! It's here!

  5. Ahhh yes! There has truly been some beautiful scenery to enjoy this season. Being at the very mouth of the canyon at the foot of the mountains, it has been somewhat blustery. Lots and lots of snow and some wind to contend with... but a definite treat for the eyes. Absolutely magnificent.

  6. These pictures remind me of Iceland around Reykjavik early mid winter time. The snow keep blowing off in the strong wind. The only odd thing about these Icelandic pictures are the trees... HA