Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas

And all through the house
the garbage bags were filled 
to the brim, overflowing with
torn wrappings, smashed boxes
from presents galore that litter the floors.

Tired parents and grandparents
drag from all the family activities:
a nativity play, puzzles, games and much more.

Time to rest from holiday fun
and get back to normal life
but the roads are all snowy
and we might not be able
to drive home so vacation
may continue until New Years.


  1. Good poem! Enjoy the rest, and your 'extended'holiday.

  2. Today would be a PERFECT day for travel... but, my fourth born child thought he needed us to stay until tomorrow so we could drive him to the Hollow with us. So we wait. The weather has been fun fior Christmas. Snowy, snowy, snowy. Oodles and tons of it. We ventured out in it a few times an slipped and slid our way around town. We have several vehicles that handle the icy roads very well, and importantly, they're equipped with "seater heaters", so we've been fine. It's just hard to imagine drivin a car in winter's cold without fanny warmers any more. Can we say "Spoiled" boys and girls?

  3. Thanks for inviting us in, Lin!

    Ah, the rest. You know, I heard from a lot of friends who treated yesterday as a day of rest after Christmas Eve services. It sounded so nice.. We had a day like that, too--without the stress of feeling "on"--like we had to dress up a day that speaks for itself. I think we're getting there!

  4. Looks like a wonderful family day, enjoyed your poem. Have a safe trip home!

  5. Great atmosphere. I am truly happy for you and all your grandkids and families

  6. Love the poem and the photos. Lucky to have beautiful grandchildren..