Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We're home again

After too many hours on the road-(that's not the way to vacation but we did enjoy getting away for a little while), I snapped some more photos of Vegas-got in their rush hour traffic on the freeway and we barely moved. No one commented on my last blog photos of the GOD billboard-no info just the word. Not sure if it's religiously inspired or related to a show on the strip. Did see another billboard advertising the aquarium that said GO Deep-maybe connected?

Vegas is a strange place, intriguing, fascinating and grating on the nerves at the same time. Here's some more photos from the car as we drove slowly by. Observation tower similar to Space Needle in Seattle, Skyline of New York City, A pyramid with hotel rooms inside, Excalibar castle, and there is much more-Effiel Tower and Venetian Canals of Italy. It's worth a trip just to take it all in. Plan to walk lots.


  1. Las Vegas is somewhat unreal isn't it? My son is on his way there today, but for business not fun. I've been there a several times but not in a long time. Love your photos of all the buildings, they do have a great variety of architecture, don't they? Wow! Glad you had a good trip.

  2. It is an interesting place. I lived there for a while right after I was married (MANY years ago). It is certainly a different place now.

    We had some good friends who lived there and we used to do our Christmas shopping while visiting them each year. Now, like you, we mostly pass through. We will be visiting their airport next week and again in December.

  3. Anybody remember the donkey town in Pinnochio? I don't know why that's the image that comes to mind every time I visit Las Vegas. A large sign advertising GOD seems rather incongruous in Vegas... but, it's nice to be reminded that we can find Him everywhere, isn't it?

    I love walking through the towns of Europe in the Ballagio and enjoy Treasure Island. And it's a real treat to see it as you're driving into it at night. I do wonder what would happen though if every toilet in that town were flushed at the same time. Can you even imagine how much water Vegas uses? And it's in the middle of the desert for Pete's sake!

  4. Everyone I know who has gone to Vegas had a great time. I would love to just see it sometime. To skim the surface. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  5. Glad you are home safe. I noticed the "God" sign but didn't think it needed to be commented on. I wonder if dry heat is easier to take than the humid heat that we get hereNew Rambling Woods Site

  6. Just doing a little catching up. I have been to - through - Vegas two times, and I couldn't leave fast enough. All glitzy from the outside, inside they're all just the same yucky casino. Can you tell I'm not a gambler?
    I much prefer your rock art pics, and treking out in the natural world.