Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing a Poem

Teresa asked me to share a poem from our Voices from the Desert booklet. Here's one I wrote about my favorite topic-Rock Art:

Gazing at mesa top ruins
blanketed with deserted dwellings,
a rich history can be observed.
Carefully inscribed petroglyphs,
and primitive pictographs
painted eons ago reside
on crimson red rock cliffs.

Telling a story of
an ancient way of life
captured for future generations.
We remember the silent past
not forgotten but carefully
recorded in symbols.
Secrets are etched on weathered surfaces
buffeted by wind and rain,
as the years pass by.

Mysteries lost to our understanding,
quiet voices from the kiva
waiting to whisper
sacred truths to
our spirits,
reminding us
of ageless Anasazi traditions.


  1. I love those beautiful places! Haven't been there, but have been to Mesa Verde and it was so beautiful! You surely do them justice with your lovely words! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful poem and photo. That second one reminds me so much of a kiva we saw near Santa Fe.

  3. Are all of the poems in the booklet expresing thoughts about desert topics? Or are they just written by women who reside in the stark beauty of your land? How many poems does it ocntain? Do you have more than one in it? Have you put together a booklet of your poetry? If not, why not? Now that you know how... it shouldn't be too difficult for you to do, right? I'd like to read more. Each poem teaches me as much about you as it tells me about what your topic. And I like what I read!

  4. I have been to this beautiful place. We spent a whole day touring with our Navajo guide, learning about the history and the culture.
    Your words do it justice.

  5. wow! beautiful poem. I always want to make a poem, I ended up only 2 paragraphs... :)

  6. wow! beautiful poem. I always want to make a poem, I ended up only 2 paragraphs... :)

  7. I love the poem, Lin and the photo is beautiful.

  8. That poem is beautiful. Very lovely. Did you write that? I don't remember if I saw a name.

    Are you selling that book?

  9. yes I wrote the poem...we aren't selling the book for now just trying to get it self published-we do the work for members of our church community. Will make a few extra copies for family and friends. Thanks for asking.

  10. I love this poem Lin and the photos complement it perfectly..wish I had a tiny bit of that kind of talent...