Friday, September 26, 2008

Grab the moment!

We are visiting grandkids in Utah Valley. See them in the photo above that my son just took in the mountains of Utah. I have a little two year old boy (in orange t-shirt) who doesn't want much to do with me so I've just kind of ignored him in the past. He wouldn't sit on my lap or let me hug him. Now he's coming around as he sees his brother and sisters call out grandma, he also is saying bam-ma help me. So tonight he sat on my lap as we played a game with his 5 year old brother Nathan. Then Nathan wanted me to read him a book before bedtime and I told him I had read to him last time so it was probably his sister's turn--but then little two year James says bam-ma read to me. So I did. He is really smart and can repeat just about any word you teach him. He also goes to preschool for a few hours during the week and loves nursery at church. Children can be a delight-if you grab the moment and cherish it. We are here for grandparents day at school on friday. Both myself and grandpa will be going to visit their classrooms.

Tell us about a moment you've grabbed and cherished lately.


  1. What a happy troupe. Enjoy every minute, Lin.

  2. have the leaves already turned in Utah? wow...ours are still green.

  3. Grandchildren are our delight! It's good that you waited for the little one to come to you, and it's so much more precious to you that he made the choice.

  4. What a great bunch! And how great that you are there for the celebration.

    Grabbing the moment.... The other evening my daughter, who is almost 10, let me read her stories before she fell asleep. She chose six. And I loved her cuddling with me before bed! It was wonderful.

  5. Well, the most recent moment that I want to sit down and savor was this morning. I hear the gravel making the familiar cruncing sound when someone comes across the bridge to visit. I ran outrside and walked out to meet.... TA DA

    YOU!!! We visited and laughed and gabbed and chuckled some more. We ate breakfast outside (you were a good sport, sitting in the sun)

    sigh... it was a nice nice moment (well, several of them, actually)to grab and cling on to for a while.

  6. How lucky you are Lin..beautiful children and that little one is precious. I am happy that he finally came around to appreciate bam-ma

    I cherished a few days I spent with my daughter a few weeks ago. We sat on the couch and watched a movie with her head on my shoulder....