Monday, June 23, 2008

Idaho map

Here's a map of Idaho, we are up in Sandpoint which is near the Can-adian border. It's very green and cool. It was only 70 degrees today when we enjoyed a picnic and sitting in the shade of a tree overlooking the Lake Pend Oreille. Amazing place. We drove north on I-15 through Pocatello and then to Idaho Falls before cross-ing into Montana to get here. Having fun!


  1. I've never been that far north in Idaho. We've been to Glacier National Park, but not over into Idaho. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip; that is quite a drive to get there. Do you have friends and family there?

  2. I'm so jealous...I love huckleberries. Maybe a trip to Sandpoint in August for me :)

  3. We love the Idaho Panhandle! One of our very, very "Mostest" favorite places to visit. And there's a little town in Montana called Trout Creek, not too far from SandPoint, that must in an alter reality be Mt. Olympus. Really! All of my kids still talk about how beautiful it was and we camped in Yellowstone and the base of the Grand Tetons on the way there. The Huckleberries were prolific when we were visiting and they had unbelievable jams and ice cream and cookies made with them! Omigosh! Hope you and Allen are enjoying it as much as we did!