Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Great Family

Introducing Rachel who will marry my youngest son Jeff in April. Welcome to our family as you and Jeff create your own family!

It begins with a linking of generations
United as earthly family: grandparents,
Parents and in-laws, brothers and sisters,
Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandchildren 

A new bride and groom begin anew
Their own family branch intermingling
Roots of two distinct different families
Developing their own unique leaves
Which will in turn become branches

One great earthly family intertwined, 
Conceived in love, bound by covenants
Made in holy temples, guided by God above
Standing strong throughout all eternity


  1. Very exciting. Remind me how many children and grandchildren you have?

  2. well, since you asked: I have 4 sons, 5 grandchildren (4 of them adopted into our family), my husband has 4 daughters and 16 grandchildren+2 step grandchildren. so we have 21+2 grandchildren combined. lots of family, and step families in different blended combinations.

  3. oh my goodness! look how much they look alike. that's always been my standard of measure. If a couple looks similar it's gotta be a good fit!

  4. Thanks everyone! And great poem mom! We are very happy together. =)

  5. I thought exactly what Susan thought. They look so much alike... And, like her... I think that's a sign of something good!
    So... I raise my glass to many happy anniversaries in their future!