Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Last day of cruise-VICTORIA, BC

Lots of activities to attend on our last day at sea. We visited the Captain's bridge where all the crew navigated the ship through the ocean-fascinating then watched a chef's fruit sculpture demo, had a BBQ by the swimming pool on top level, watched a fun kids show that James was chosen as the captain, ate many more times at specialty restaurants-Brazilian and the ever famous buffet.

Land ho, that's British Columbia

Our ship was docked from 5 pm till midnight to explore Victoria, BC 
Everyone wanted to see this Victorian mansion or castle
Quite elaborate built by a rich family who did well on their investments.
A four story mansion home with servant's quarters of course.
Restored to its former glory, it was fascinating to imagine life in those days.
The top floor was open and used for gala dances and public performances
You can just imagine the live music and dancing couples dressed up elegantly
A modern necessity room to meet all needs...
Old time treadle sewing machine came in handy. 
Model of this intricate almost castle like mansion.
Smoking room for the man of the house!
Dining room where elegant meals were served by servants.


  1. Looks like your trip was truly an adventure!! Love the photos.

  2. We like Victoria and will be visiting it again before long.

  3. Victoria is a fun city to visit. We haven't been there for a long time, though. It's not easy to get to from here - expensive boat or long wait, expensive ferry.

  4. I can see you must have eaten well. :-)