Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life's Trials...


Mortality is full of unbearable
pain to endure it seems.
Not having the power to stop
breathing, there is no way out
but through intense discomfort.

I have survived my hours
of torture at the dentist office
with multiple shots in my mouth
to numb away pain––discomfort
during my oral laser treatments.

Hopefully, it will improve
the health of my aging mouth
full of teeth with crowns
that capture what is left of molars
that fell apart long ago.

Maybe one day I will earn
a crown to wear proudly
on my head announcing to all
that I survived life with its
many trials and painful tests.


  1. I'm a white knuckle dentist patient and have memories of the old dentist chairs! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. oh Lin, your post hit home for me. I had a root canal 2 months ago and I am still going through the torture, pain, discomfort and a miserable time since then. I still cannot chew on that side and I will be back to the dentist next week to fix the crown that is a bit loose. I also had one cavity fixed and 2 crowns put in 2 other teeth other than the crown put on the root canal. I know your feelings,