Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rain, rain and more rain...

Our back patio is soaking wet.

Autumn is just now coming to our area.

Our neighbor's autumn leaves in full array!

Drops of water waiting to drip...

Everything is wet outside, while we are warm and cozy inside!


  1. I love your wind sculpture. I know of two other bloggers who erected one for their loved ones who'd passed away. It's very beautiful.

  2. Your porch and lawn is beautiful!!!

  3. We are glad to let you have the rain for a while. we are very much enjoying our cold, CLEAR weather! Soon enough we'll be switching, I'm sure.

  4. That looks delightful to me. It also looks warm. Is it? I would delight in that. We have had a sudden cold snap. Weather like this reminds me of why New Englanders are closed people. We simply can't unfold after we thaw out!

  5. at this Thanksgiving travel time we are sitting here wondering if we will get rain, black ice, icy rain, or blizzard...and need to travel to PA and Jocelyn's....for Turkey Day and Guy's baptism. Oh joy. But we love our East and our Winters.