Friday, November 1, 2013

Article #267 Surviving Death

            Ever wonder what it would be like to survive death? Many near death and out of body experiences are described in popular books these days. I’m sure we all have our own version of what happens when we die, depending on our religious persuasions or lack thereof. I enjoy reading about the traditions of many indigenous cultures. They revere their deceased ancestors who are thought to play a role in guiding family members still living on earth as guides that appear in visions or dreams to give advice and guidance. Yet we in our modern society have little time to listen to our elderly that are still in our midst. To seek out their advice and listen carefully, is a rarity in our day. 
There is a way for your VOICE to survive death. Take time to write your LIFE STORY filled with helpful insights that you wish your parents or grandparents had given you before their deaths. In a recent trip to an assisted care center to help motivate the residents there to write their bio, I got the following responses. No one’s interested in my life, I never did anything special, etc. When asked about their lives, most had married, raised families, survived the great depression, world wars, etc. Most had fulfilled the most special task given to humans to bring a child into the world, nurture and teach their children how to meet the challenges of  life. It is demanding work but important.
            All the early childhood education classes I took in college weren’t as effective as being in the trenches after marriage and experiencing motherhood with potty training, disciplining toddlers and raising teenagers. It was difficult though rewarding at times, important and necessary labor for the child involved. It taught me the meaning of love, endurance, sacrifice and having a sense of humor. Families are the strength of our society. We are all part of a family. Those who are childless for whatever reason can be effective examples to their nieces, nephews and young neighbors. 
Being a parent is followed by graduate studies of GRAND PARENTING skills-parenting without the responsibilities. Don’t forget to encourage and compliment your grown children as they attempt this most difficult of all tasks in life––raising children. Give them your best advice when they ask or write down your suggestions in a story of your life that will survive your departure. 

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Kay said...

I was so glad I was able to record my mother and aunt's stories of their harrowing lives and near death experiences. My aunt says she's not afraid of death because she's already experienced it.

Jean said...

Wow. Kay's comment is powerful, isn't it?