Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visiting Family Again

Spent the weekend in SLC at a writers conference
then off to spend Sunday with FAMILY

James likes to help Daddy Daniel cook up a storm
Excellent Cafe Rio Burritos are enjoyed by all
Son Jeffrey and his son Edwin enjoyed the peach pie too!
Edmund or Eddie as he's called is full of life
Lorien and Grandma rest on the couch
Lorien takes photos of her brother


Sandy Carlson said...

A beautiful family! What a great day.

I did not receive the book yet. I won't be on Topsail until Christmas. I am sure it will be there, though! Thank you so much.

Linda Reeder said...

What beautiful children, Lin. So glad you got to be with them.

Linda Reeder said...

Such beautiful children, Lin. So glad you got to spend time with them.

Jean said...

I remember when Lorien was born. It's hard to believe she's now a "big" girl.

Kay said...

This is so wonderful, Lin. You have such a beautiful family.

dellgirl said...

Lorien and Grandma at rest on the couch is one of those rare moments that captures the essence of it all. So glad you got to spend time with them.

Bo G och Birgitta Wennerlund said...

Howe nice to see them! Have never seen Edwin. Would love to mete them all. Please, give My love to them!