Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Technology Challenged

Ever get so FRUSTRATED with your computer
that you want to give it a piece of your mind?
Well, I've been WRESTLING with mine for days.
Trying to make BOOKMARKS to sell my book.

It sounds easy and I designed it okay THEN
I had to LAY it out on a 12" by 18" paper
with MARGINS marked for cutting. OOPS!
I'm getting in over my head with technology.

Time to call my computer guru son Daniel
who is so sweet to take time from his life
to help his old mom figure out solutions.
He started me on my JOURNEY to literacy.

Teaching me how to use a COMPUTER
many years ago, I've certainly RELIED on
his expertise AND he comes through for me
EVERY time. Here's my BOOKMARKS.

Ready to go to the PRINTER so I can hand
them out this weekend at a writer's conference
in SLC. WHEW! Now to ENLARGE my 
book cover to display....help DANIEL!!


Jean said...

Funny you should post this today, while Ken is upstairs saying naughty words to his computer. Little does he realize the problems are not the computer's fault, but I know enough to keep mum?

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

Yep. That would be me. Good thing I have my husband to get me through the techno-geek stuff. See you this weekend.

Kay said...

I'm very grateful for my brother and son-in-law. I'd be a computer mess otherwise.