Sunday, September 22, 2013


I've been having  my latest book DISCOVER YOUR VOICE AFTER DIVORCE reviewed. It's been rewarding to have other authors compliment my efforts. Hopefully this will help sales soon. I'll have my book made into an e-book which will be available sometime next month from for a reduced price yet to be determined. The print copy sells for $15 plus $5 mailing costs. It costs about $9 to print each copy, so if you do the arithmetic––I don't write to make money, but to share my ideas with others. My wisdom that was gained in the school of hard knocks.

The back cover of my latest publication

Here's a recommendation from the renowned authors of self help books Gary and Joy Lundberg:

"Lin Vernon Floyd's workbook Discover Your Voice After Divorce is excellent. Her personal experience has laid a solid foundation to write this helpful book. It's a thoughtfully prepared guide for others going through this same painful journey. Readers will discover the way to help put their lives back together and find peace and happiness.  We highly recommend it."

---Gary Lundberg, MA MFT, and Joy Lundberg, coauthors of "I Don't Have to Make Everything All Better" and "Love That Lasts"

Another certified addiction counselor who also is graduate of BYU had this to say of my book: Good work! the world is a little better place because of what your trying to do. Blessings, Roger

Divorce: Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery by Lin Vernon Floyd

In my work with those struggling with addictions, one of the saddest of possible realities is divorce.  I am always looking for tools to help clients through that very difficult process.   Lin Vernon Floyd’s work “Divorce: Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery,” fills that need.

She writes from the perspective of experience, a retired educator and writer of things, she combines the healing power of writing (and journaling), the teaching power of her poetry, and the wisdom that only experience can bring to provide a guidebook for navigating divorce.

Written from an LDS perspective, Lin understands the befuddlement that comes from divorce in that culture. (This was never supposed to happen to me!)  She explores some essentials for healing; finding a voice, self worth, the value of healthy self talk and the absence of self bullying, and establishment of a loving relationship with self.

Lin focuses on the grieving process, the dangers of codependency, the often encountered enemy of depression and the wonderful healing powers of acceptance and  hope.  The author realizes that there are many pieces to the recovery puzzle and artfully uses her educational skills to guide the user through these in the workbook.

Floyd rightfully recognizes that ultimately moving forward with life is the goal and provides good discussion of what that needs to look like.  In part, just being willing to try again while realistically expecting challenges brings success.  Always, she advises, work on self care and when appropriate, put yourself first.

I am personally and professionally grateful for this workbook and highly recommend it to those facing the possibility or dealing with divorce. Roger Stark, author/addiction counselor/recovery coach


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good luck Lin.

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This is wonderful, Lin! Good for you!

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This is exciting, Lin! Enjoyed reading these recommendations.

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It sounds like you have done very good work, Lin. I hope you find your target audience.

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Congratulations and good wishes on a job well done, Lin.

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