Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rain Glorious Rain

Rain in the desert...
Patio reflections
Water drips from off roof tops.
Crepe Myrtle drinks in needed moisture from the morning rain.
Wet pompas grass sticks together. 
Welcome moisture for land, plants and trees.
Morning refreshments come as welcome rain appears.
Unsettled skies make for beautiful sunrises.
A rainbow-a promise of no more floods given long ago


  1. Glad you got the rain! I think a desert would want much of it. Your pictures are a joy as usual!

  2. Lovely indeed, Lin! Everything must have been laughing with joy!

  3. Rain in the desert is very special, and your lovely photos show it well.

  4. don't you just love the fresh and cleanliness that rain brings

  5. Such gorgeous photos, Lin. I'm glad you're getting some welcome rain. We're getting just drizzles over here in Hawaii.