Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodbye JULY!

Wow was that a fast month. Here's a poem I wrote to celebrate changes. It's cooling off in the early mornings and the sun is rising later. Seasons of our lives contain other symbolisms too.

A long hot summer,
sizzling temperatures drain,
humidity saps my soul.
Never ending heat,
welcome at first after
a cold winter and brief spring.
Bright yellow leaves signal
changing seasons––autumn.
A cool breeze rushes by,
chills me as I bask
in sunshine, summer is going.
Doesn't ask permission.
only slips away like a guilty lover
unwilling to face the music.
Hiding behind a facade of integrity
until that, too, gives way.
Leaves fall, truth lies naked
as trees in winter.


  1. Oh how I hate to see July go. But august is still summer in the PNW, just slower and lazier, the dog days.

  2. And I had no idea your summers could be that HOT and dry! It was quite an experience!

  3. i sit here and wonder where this summer and this year has gone. I don't know that i'm looking forward to fall just yet.

  4. It seems like it is going too fast!! I wish I had a couple more months of it.

  5. I so enjoyed your poem...I like that line 'hiding behind a facade of integrity until that, too gives way.'

  6. July has become the beginning and ending of summer, it seems. So love Yankee summers from late June to late August. So love summer here.

    Well written post. Thanks, Lin.