Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmer's Market

Last Saturday we went to the local farmer's market
to get some REAL tomatoes that are tasty. We arrived
about 9 am and the veggies were picked over.
Did manage to get a few RED TOMATOES
and are enjoying their real flavor. The ones you buy
in the grocery store are so hard and UNRIPE!

We walked around the booths and I liked this display 
of jewelry handmade although I didn't buy any.

I love the way she had used a flowering TREE to display
her goods. We talked about how difficult it to sell things
you make or create. I talked to another woman who
had her book for sale and considered maybe selling mine.
But it's too much work for too little profit. Did sell one
through paypal for a new contact through!
She's a divorce lawyer and wanted my book for a client.


  1. I love farmers' markets, especially when craft tables are there, too. But you're right: it's hard to sell the things we make.

  2. I love farmers markets, but the one I go to sells only veggies, fruits and flowers. I'm afraid I wouldn't have the courage to sell anything I made or wrote. I admire your courage and resolve.

  3. Nothing like real tomatoes and farmers' markets!