Friday, July 19, 2013

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Current statistics predict that one out of every two marriages will one day end in divorce. Every family is touched by the devastation that divorce can bring. Award winning author Lin Floyd’s latest book Discover Your Voice After Divorce: Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery is now available for those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. This 100 page workbook helps the reader make the journey of self discovery that comes from expressing emotions through guided questions and journaling. Floyd, a divorced school librarian now remarried, writes candidly about emotions after divorce, and refines the self-help process of grieving after this loss for BOTH men and women.  
Interesting how divorce changes so many relations with the in-laws also.
The parents of this happy couple (me and my first husband) are long gone.
Take the challenge to reclaim your voice or authentic self by writing honestly about your experiences. Enjoy Floyd’s original free verse poetry as she invites you to recovery and healing. Donʼt miss this opportunity to begin a more joyful, creative life filled with hope. Workbook available from the author for $15 each or two for $25. I'm sure you know someone who could use this material in the process of healing. Fifty copies available in first printing. Order through paypal or contact lin at sunrivertoday dot com.

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  1. I just noticed how the 2 Franks hold their heads the same way....funny, isn't it? have seen this pix often yet it's the first time I've noticed that.