Saturday, July 6, 2013

Article #251 Entitlement

             Are we raising a generation of youth that expect ENTITLEMENTS? Who feel they deserve something for nothing, simply because they exist? Do they expect all their dreams to come true, without effort or sacrifices on their part?  Goals are usually achieved through hard work and personal initiative, to expect it automatically isn’t realistic. Sometimes it’s called the American Dream and certainly motivates the poor and discriminated in other countries to want to immigrate to the United States to get ahead and be successful.

            Dreams are just that elusive goals that may or may not be achieved in this life. Sometimes in the struggle to achieve a certain ambition, you may realize that it’s not possible, but the striving towards accomplishing that dream can make you a better individual. To be rich or well off seems to be an aspiration many have. The hope is always of winning the lottery. But with accomplishing that goal comes the responsibility of how to use the money wisely. Others in your own family or communities are sure they could use and need the jackpot more than you do. Greed can rear its ugly head.

            Let’s do a little comparison between youth in our day and some of today’s young people. No one I ever knew was GIVEN a car for high school graduation. My first car I BOUGHT after my graduation from college with my salary from my first teaching job. Did I feel discriminated against? No. I was happy to have parents who could afford my tuition and gave me the opportunity for a higher education.

            Struggling with low paying jobs before my college graduation. I was an A and W carhop, and made minimum wages in those days of less than $1/hr plus tips and all the hamburgers and root beer I could drink. It taught me responsibility and a work ethic. Many, but not all teenagers, these days don’t want to take a menial or low paying job to gain experience to add to their resume. They want a high paying career NOW even without a high school graduation. If they marry they want a new home to move into, not a rented apartment with used furniture or hand me downs. They wouldn’t think of taking their dirty clothes to a laundromat because they are entitled to have all the modern appliances needed. Times have changed and maybe not for the betterment of our society. NEXT TIME: Looking Forward. 


dellgirl said...

Interesting post, thanks for sharing this.

I just came by to say hi and to wish you a terrific weekend.

Kay said...

They do say that the generation that followed ours feel entitled because of all we tried to give them. We didn't want our children to be deprived or have their self-esteem tarnished in anyway.

Sandy Carlson said...

The struggle to make something from nothing gets harder and harder. I think it's key to show young people how it's done. It's a small thing, but schools have done away with home ec and other classes that show kids how to manage the world in a practical way. We need to do this at home or to be mindful that it hasn't been done and some young folks need some direction.