Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Birthday to Remember...

Hubby took me out shopping for a shoulder bag for my
NEW  Mac Air LAPTOP that Daniel's family gave me!
Also got some software and lessons setup at Simply Mac.
With phone calls from family and multiple birthday
greetings on Facebook, it was a great birthday!

Had soup and salad at Olive Garden with Allen for lunch,
 then off to our favorite Anasazi Steakhouse for fondu
 and steaks with our neighbors on the right: Wanda and Rick.

Next we played a fun game of Mexican Train dominoes
on their patio in the cooled air from our sudden monsoons. 

Wanda is an award winning quilter.

Each of her quilts is different and so creative.

Laying on the floor, this quilt is called Kaleidoscope
and will be a wall hanging for her son's family.

Love her Southwestern decor and hangings.

Wanda is her quilting room shows me her next project.

For the grandkids, an elephant pattern with fabric from Africa!

Lovely quilt pieces are everywhere.


  1. Sounds like a good birthday! And yes, your quilting neighbor is very talented!

  2. Looks like this was a wonderful birthday celebration.

    Happy Birthday again, Lin!

  3. I'm sorry I missed your birthday,Lin. I I'm so glad you had such a happy celebration. I did a double take when I saw the name of your friends. I've got friends in Iowa named Rick and Wanda too!