Sunday, June 2, 2013


Do you ever go through times in your life
when you don't seem to be in CONTROL.
Guess you could call them the VALLEYS
or PITS when your negative voices triumph.
It takes awareness and TIME to realize where
you are and that you want to see the peaks,
be on top again, not weighted down by FEARS.
Seems I've just rebounded again, fresh energy.

Could be related to my recent stomach flu,
bouts of recurring SICKNESS which sent me
to bed to rest to regain failing strength and
understanding from journaling of a DEADEND.

Time to reorganize and FIGHT back against
those inner voices that won't stop my climb, that
FOCUS on sabotage and blame it on others.
Well I UNDERSTAND that trick quite well.
I'm taking responsibility for all that I hear
BOTH positive and negative in my mind.
Fighting the CRITIC inside and letting the
Creative Child climb is a SUCCESS for me.

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Millie said...

I always try to be in control in not letting Satan derail me from my spiritual course, but sometimes he makes me think of the wrong things. To keep myself on the right path, I focus a lot in is always my answer and my guiding light to choose the right.