Thursday, June 13, 2013

Starting at the BEGINNING

Just returned from our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Because of technical difficulties, I couldn't upload my photos
from my newer camera to my very old laptop. So, here they are...

We left St. George, Utah and traveled to Page, Arizona.
This is the Native American electric plant there.

Lots of wide open spaces before us with few cars.

Scattered across the land are Native American homes, 
most now have electricity and water, but that wasn't always so.

Here and there you see some horses and a few sheep.

This tree says it all about the dry barren landscape

but there is a stark natural beauty here also.

Crossing into New Mexico, we spend the night in Gallup.

Once Anasazi Indians roamed these vast deserts.


dellgirl said...

That was a lovely get-away, I needed that. What a great trip, thanks for taking me along!

The photos are awesome, especially the one showing the long stretch of highway headed for the mountains.

Rambling Woods said...

I am enjoying your photos Lin