Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last Day of JUNE...

Looking back, it's been a busy summer so far.
June brought a trip to Santa Fe, NM to visit family.
Our 20th Anniversary trip combined with vacationing.

Metal roadrunner sculpture from Santa Fe

Finished my latest book just waiting on the printer.
Dg-in-law Rachel had a birthday, step daughter Sarah
had her long awaited baby-a girl named Karrah.

Photo of Karrah by proud mom Sarah

Another step daughter Deborah and family are
moving back to Ephraim, Utah. Our blended
family continues to grow and progress especially
the grand kiddos and two great grand kids.

That's strake #5 being measured and trimmed to fit!

Hubby continues to progress on his boat.
I'm busy with exercise and water classes.
It will be 115 degrees today, but we have AC.
So, I'm cool inside writing on my computer.
We do have mountains in higher elevations
nearby to escape to and we did go on a field trip
for the local camera club in June. What did you do?


  1. We are having a heat wave too, more like 85 to 90 in the next few days. but we do not have air conditioned homes here, at least most people don't, and we are outdoor living people, so there is a "Too hot" limit, which we are reaching!
    June was busy for me with sewing and gardening and visiting gardens and reading and day to day activities. June was good. Hope July is too.

  2. What a beautiful baby and I love your sculpture! Can't wait for the day you post your hubby's boat is done! I have had a busy June building our home. Well worth it for sure!

  3. 115 degrees? How do you stand it? Thank goodness for air conditioning. I could not believe how hot and dry it was in your area... and it wasn't even as hot as it is now. Phew. Still, it sure is beautiful by you.