Saturday, June 29, 2013


How does one become a judge?
Perhaps a law degree qualifies you.
We are all judges in many ways
as we make many decisions everyday.
Should we do this or that, accept life
for what is or try to improve our situation.

To expertly judge a contest is a challenge,
I know as I did that with youth poetry entries.
Sometimes it just a preference rather than 
based on technical merits or a standard. 
I've entered many writing contests and read
critiques by judges. Sometimes I win, mostly I lose.

Recently I won 1st Honorable Mention 
from the NFSPS-National Federation of
State Poetry Societies for a poem I wrote
with these positive comments from a judge:
a simple poem, concise and focused that 
imparts a soft non-preachy message. 

An example of how losing can be winning.
Recently our Supreme Court judges made 
a decision about marriage and families that's
supposedly based on the constitution but not 
always clearing the dissensions in our society,
only confusing an already emotional struggle.

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Kay said...

Congratulations, Lin! Good for you.