Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to SLOW DOWN time?

As each month seems to OUTRACE the last one,
it's somewhat scary as my next birthday approaches.
I'm soon 73 years old. That's difficult to fantom until
I LOOK in the mirror or at recent photographs of me.

Then...I see this ELDERLY woman staring back, and
I wonder how did she get to be SO old, and so plump?
Then I remember all the good meals eaten at restaurants
and my EASY lifestyle: no chasing kids, little housework.

I must be RETIRED, but not from life. Now is the time to
live it up, go for the gusto, carpe diem, etc. etc. etc. but
wait first time for a leisurely NAP to restore my energy.
I do have a younger husband to keep up with, but I seem

to RUN CIRCLES around him. That's because he only
manages to have one project at a time going, while I have
many, too many: a new book to publish and market,
another class starting, and a TO DO list that never stops.

I don't have time to grow OLD!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you, Lin. As long as you enjoy it, keep on building and checking off that list!