Friday, June 28, 2013

Article # 250-Solutions?

         History holds many examples of how societies and families have found solutions to their problems. Think back to the Great Depression, and the world wars, etc. These times were full of tumult, anxiety and serious problems that were not solved by people ignoring what was going on. It took individuals with courage to stand up and be counted. To survive they worked their way through challenging times, finding solutions.
            We elect officials in our government to deal with solving wide spread problems like: unemployment, discrimination, etc., but within each family there are also personal trials to be dealt with; illness, unemployment, discouragement, divorce, and death are just some issues that a normal family has to face. It’s too easy to look at other supposedly successful families and compare your family, not knowing the heartaches they are facing. Judging and competing with others seem to be normal, but not helpful. Have a compassionate attitude. Be there to give emotional support to others in your own family, neighborhood, and community who need a hand.
            The recent tornados in Oklahoma are an example of extreme crises that can happen to normal people. Sometimes all we can offer is our prayers and donations to relief organizations.  To come together as a nation in aiding others within or outside of our country when relief is needed builds our own personal strength. In these days of instant communication there is little excuse for not connecting and reaching out to strengthen one another. Thinking outside the box of our own little world can be helpful.
            I remember being stressed while watching the news of the tornado victims because I was just recovering from a sudden flu attack and found myself without any milk in the frig as I was fixing dinner. Then reality hit me as I realized these people were victims who had their homes destroyed, lost all their belongings and even family members in this terrible destruction. They had no frigs or food or homes. Sometimes comparing ourselves with those who have less can help us feel more compassionate and grateful for what we do have.
            Each day of life is a gift not to be taken lightly whether it is full of trials or blessings. The same higher power weeps with those who mourn and cares for the smallest problems we each have just as any loving parent would do. NEXT TIME: Entitlement. 

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dellgirl said...

You really put some thought into this post, it’s a good one. Thanks for the reminder that things could always be worse so, count your blessings not your problems.