Friday, June 21, 2013

Article #249 Ignoring Problems

              Too many of us try to ignore problems that scream out for our input and opinions in the world these days. It’s easier just to be complacent and safe at home while the world goes to hell in a hand basket. What good would my vote or my opinion do? we may ask ourselves while at the same time complaining about all the chaos, confusion and corruption in the world. For those of us that live in a free society where votes can change outcomes, it’s sad to see so many unwilling to join in the fight for a return to traditional values but NOT being active in a political party. We are represented by others who are voted into office and make laws that govern us. If we don’t like what we see, our voice needs to be heard.
            Change doesn’t come about by ignoring a problem, be it personal or political. It’s time to take a stand for those principles that you value living in a free society. Whether it’s gun control, gay marriage, equal rights, anti-discrimination, etc, your voice and vote is important. Being an observer may be easier, but it’s a dead end. Become active in your chosen political party, study platforms and records of those you elect. Let them know if you don’t approve of their voting record. Don’t rubber stamp candidates year after year whose performance in office is not proactive.
            The same principle applies to your own life. If you feel you are in a rut or destructive pattern that doesn’t reflect your values, TIME TO CHANGE. Get yourself out of hiding in the cave, hoping change will come. DO SOMETHING TODAY. Become all that you can be. Don’t be happy with mediocrity and poor performance. Careful evaluation and judgments are needed in life. Hermits do not good citizens make. Get involved with life-yours and the society you live it. Make it better by your efforts and vote for others in the political scene locally and nationwide that support your principles.
            Progress is made with the first step forward. Defining what you want to change then going for it with purpose and direction. It won’t be easy but certainly more interesting that hiding out in your comfortable cool cave alone. A productive society happens when we all care about progress, solving problems and are willing to not just complain but to be part of the solution. NEXT TIME: Solutions?

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  1. Nice post, Lin. I agree that, 'Change doesn’t come about by ignoring a problem'. Many times ignoring the problem only makes it worse -- like a leaky pipe that doesn't get fixed.