Friday, June 14, 2013

Arriving in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Still traveling across smokey New Mexico which has
several forest fires going on right now.

That's grandson Hakan on the left at his soccer camp.

We took him to lunch as both of his parents were working.

What a fun place called Bumble Bee!

Beautiful Southwestern architecture of Santa Fe, NM

Art is everywhere to be seen.

My favorite local store Jackalope is fascinating.

So much to look at just the colors of objects

mostly made in Mexico. Looking for a metal roadrunner

which I didn't find here for our yard decoration.

Resident prairie dogs have a fun compound to live in.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE New Mexico. we were there at this time two years ago for the wedding of our daughter's college roommate. The year before we had stayed in Abiquiu and I would go back there in a heartbeat. I do hear, though, that this year there are terrible fires creating bad air. That's one thing I love about NM, the crisp air.