Monday, February 4, 2013

Article #232 Serendipity

             The dictionary defines serendipity as...."fate, destiny, providence, chance, luck, a natural gift for making useful discoveries by accident.” Other words that I’d use are: coincidence, inspiration, intuition, hunches, answers to prayers, etc.

             One day at church I sat next to a new couple. Instead of ignoring them, I decided to keep my New Year’s resolution of "reaching out to others." I introduced myself and asked a few questions to get to know more about them. We only had a few minutes to converse before our class began. I was happy to have done something rather than nothing and getting out of my comfort zone. Because our church group had been divided, many are us are new to each other. When I went to my next meeting imagine my surprise and delight to discover that I had been given a woman to visit teach none other than the stranger I had just met. Life is truly interesting. Look for serendipity in your everyday life.

            Don't you love it when happy little accidents occur in your life? When you meet special people and feel an instant friendship like you've known this person for a long time. Working on a new book entitled Discover Your Voice After Divorce, I needed some one with therapy experience with divorced individuals to assist me. So, who should I meet at church but––a new woman just moved into our area who is a retired therapist with a wealth of experience to share and TIME! She and her husband sat next to us. We later met and brainstormed for 2.5 hours on ideas for my book. What an unexpected blessing, plus a new friend. Serendipity at work!

            It can happen anywhere, not just in a church setting. It truly amazing to review how you met your companion or that special friend that has been a big influence on your life or how you came to move to a certain neighborhood or were hired for a job that became a fulfilling career. Much of this can only be described as divine intervention or happy accidents. I met my husband, who lived in New Mexico at the time, at a singles dance in Provo, Utah where I lived then. He was visiting his daughter at BYU and just happened to come to the same dance I was attending. We met, started long distance dating and were married nine months later. Serendipity! NEXT TIME: Networking 


Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

Wow. I love this! I love it when the Lord brings people into our life and all we had to do was open our mouth.

I was sitting at church a few years ago and felt prompted to talk to a woman sitting next to me. As it turns out, she was divorced and had just moved into the area. We became very good friends. She is the sort of friend that understands spiritual things and actually enjoys reading and talking about the scriptures (other than on Sunday).

SandyCarlson said...

Let's hear it for serendipity. That's cool the way that worked out for you and the new folks.