Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm giving a presentation to my local Heritage Writer's Guild about the value of BLOGGING. Thought I'd begin by listing some opportunities that a blog gives a writer and provide links to see examples. Click on links below for more info. Be sure and have a BUSINESS CARD with your blog address on it to give out to any interested individuals.

1. Blogging daily or regularly-can BREAK WRITER'S BLOCK as you discipline yourself to publish your thoughts. It's always on your mind like BRAINSTORMING. A blog can be on any subject or just about your writing.

2. Can create a WRITER'S PLATFORM to announce and sell your published books (Use PAYPAL. See sidebar of blog and individual posts announcing my books.) 
3. Make friends and NETWORK with other blogs including writers, gather a following of fans to announce new books. A writer's online presence is important for publishers and agents.

4. LINK to other social media like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AMAZON.COM, writing organizations and magazines for contest details, tips, etc.

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Kay said...

And you know what? It's just plain fun. :-) I'm glad I met you through blogging, Lin.