Thursday, May 12, 2011


So how do you launch a book, it's like selling vacuums or some other thing door to door. By word of mouth or in my case sending out 130 emails plus press releases to the local papers, and flyers to distribute to friends and others. It's a lot of work if you don't have a publisher or agent working for you, even then they expect you to do most of the work. I know lots of people in many locations but my audience is quite narrow as my book's subject matter is "Family Home Evenings for Empty Nesters and Singles."

FHEs are a practice that Mormons participate in as their family are being raised. Each Monday night is set aside for scripture study, singing hymns, a short lesson followed by refreshments and games. There is a lot of material published by our Church for families but little for the retired folks or empty nesters. Come to think of it people of other faiths would do well to implement a family time into their lives also.

My GOSPEL DOCTRINE handouts topics are: Faith-Our Foundation, the Repentance Process, Prayer and Fasting, the Baptismal Covenant, Holy Ghost and Revelation, Testimony Strengthening, Improve Scripture Study, the Atonement and Resurrection, Integrity and Honesty, and Priesthood Leaders complete with discussion questions and scripture references.

A section on FAMILY HISTORY includes: Find Your Roots, Your Family Heritage, Collecting Family Histories, Online Genealogy, Purpose of Temples, Family Reunions, Childhood Memories, Writing Your Life Story, Publishing Your History, and Pioneers in Your Family.

The next section is on SELF IMPROVEMENT-Journaling, Who Me?, Agency and Obedience, Don’t Procrastinate, Personal Goals, Patriarchal Blessings, Hobbies-Recreation. Addictions-Balance, Gratitude Attitude, Personal Fitness, and Sense of Humor.
Following is RELATIONSHIPS: Communication Helps, Elderly Parents Care, Importance of Forgiveness, Gossip and Criticism, Internet Possibilities, True Friends, The Single Life, Marriage Challenges, Citizenship Opportunities, and Community Involvement.

The last section is on PROVIDENT LIVING: Word of Wisdom Promises, Healthy Snacks, Food Storage Inventory, 72 Hour Survival Kit, Self Reliance and You, Gardening Ideas, Water Storage Tips, Tithing Blessings, Avoid Debt, and Budgeting Helps.

There are two additional HOLIDAY handouts: Christmas Traditions, and Gifts of the Heart. Order today for $10 plus shipping from lin at or through PayPal.


  1. I can't believe that more people wouldn't buy the book especially within your faith community..