Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's up?

Well as July is drawing to a close, the heat is intensifying. My hubby decided it was too hot to put the car out of the garage, so he could work on his boat-that project has been sidelined for the summer. He continues to dream of that homestead somewhere in cooler areas like northern Idaho and works on his floor plan designs for a small cabin.

He's very good at designing with his auto-cad program and it's certainly cooler inside our air conditioned house working on the computer than any outside activities around here.

I'm doing some writing on my columns and an occasional poem or two. Working on publicity for upcoming writing workshops and possible classes to teach in fall. Just started doing Indexing of the 1940 Census for family historians to be able to use. I find this a fun worthwhile activity rather than playing solitaire on the computer. Anyone can participate, see link on 1940 Census.

What are you up to these days?


  1. My son just left Salt Lake City and says it was very hot. I'm glad you're finding cool things to do.

  2. very cool....hope he gets his dream...sooner rather than later

  3. Pretty good floor plan... but, take it from one who lives with one bathroom... you may not like it.

    Allen is a designer at heart. He deigns homes, cabins, boats, gardens....

  4. While you move indoors, we move outdoors. Today was cool and cloudy, but we worked finishing up the holly hedge trimming this morning, and then I went for a three mile walk.
    I often take my 1:00 lunch hour outside. today I baked banana bread while keeping an eye on the Olympics, and then caught up with some blog reading and commenting.