Sunday, July 8, 2012

The nature of WORRY

It seems so useless-worrying, yet we all do it.
Little voices inside our heads never stop, it seems.
Whispering DOUBTS to our unsteady hearts,
threatening to erode any confidence we seek.
The what ifs and no that won't happen, just give up.
The negative comments continue day and night.
In our dreams we can dismiss them, but when
they follow into our daily's TIME to stop.

Take a stand for truth, free of fears and insecurities.
You can do it with HELP from above, support of
loved ones and an understanding of WHY there is
opposition-to strengthen and test us each day.


  1. I used to worry about my son all the time as he went gallivanting all over the world. I've given up and I keep the worry in the back of my head instead of over me all the time.

  2. I'm tempted to worry a lot lately--but have been trying very hard to give it to God--:))

  3. Casting all our cares on Him... that's the thing, isn't it! What a relief when we finally let go.

    BTW, I hear that you're celebrating a b*rthday this week.... I want to offer my very best wishes for a beautiful day and a God-graced year ahead.

    Bloggerly hugs.....