Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Wedding-New Mexico

A special day when daughter Sarah marries 
her high school sweetheart Chuck
Best man-Chuck's brother Ray and Matron of Honor-Celeste
 Son Alexander escorts his mom Sarah down the aisle.
 Daughter Adrian is a flower girl
With this ring, I thee wed...
Mrs. Pearcy!
You may kiss the bride!
 Just married!
Wedding party: Matron of Honor-Celeste, Bride, Groom,
Best man-Ray, Flower girl-Adrian and Bride's escort-Alexander
The groom's parents with the married couple
Sisters- Deborah, Katherine, Sarah, (Chuck, me, Allen) + Alicia
Allen & the grandkids: left-dg Alicia, her kids-Alexis, Anya, Kalib & Abigail;
on right-dg. Katherine-her kids: Breanna, Gabriel and Ashley
Bride's deceased mom's memorial Leslie Fay Parker
The sisters: l-r Deborah, Katherine, Sarah and Alicia
Time for toasting and eating a delicious BBQ buffet! 
Cutting the luscious carrot cake 
Trying not to make a mess
 Special dances

Bride and groom-may you live happily ever after!


SandyCarlson said...

What a beautiful month! What a beautiful day. God bless this new marriage.

Kay said...

These are such gorgeous wedding photos, Lin. What fun to see such happiness.

dlsully said...

Lin, I didn't meet you. Sorry. But your pictures are absolutely amazing. I'm so glad we had a little time to pop in and watch Sarah and Chuck vow their love to one another.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh how beautiful..congrats!!!!

Linda Reeder said...

What a lovely wedding, and a new start for a beautiful family.

Cheryl said...

The wedding photos are just beautiful! Best wishes to the happy couple on their new life!

dellgirl said...

Congratulations to the bride & groom, and to the rest of the family. Beautiful wedding and the photos are awesome!