Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bridging lulls

I've decided there's nothing wrong with taking a break from my normal hectic routine to rethink where I'm going in my sometimes frantic pace of shopping, cooking, making meals, housekeeping, going to meetings, making deadlines, teaching classes and trying to promote sales of my books unsuccessfully. This past month has been a SLOW DOWN for me. Time to reflect, doubt my successes and abilities at times plus ponder what to pursue next.

Definitely on my agenda is relationships, reaching out through space and time to connect with family and friends. I want to continue developing my talents in writing, and a new workbook idea is forming called Find Your Voice Through Writing: Personal Histories, Journaling and Free Verse Poetry. I need a shorter catchier title. I'm thinking an 8x10 size notebook with questions or prompts to help individuals focus on self exploration through writing. Any suggestions or ideas on a shorter title are most welcome-leave them in a comment. One title I love is Pencil Dancing-but it's already taken-see above and is a great book. Also need a catchy cover image to convey the theme. Help!

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Millie said...

How about "Lin's Inspirations in Writing"